I grew up in a small town near Chicago called Boulder Hill.  After studying psychology and photography in Chicago, I moved to Paris, where I'm currently based, working as an editorial and fine art photographer.

The work on this site involves my self, facets of identity that come forward or recede when my environment changes and I create my place in a new space.  I learned at a young age that I was adopted, and this knowledge took my feet off the ground.  Feeling rootless and uncertain of my worth, I coped by tuning into my various environments and adapting as best I could to what I imagined to be the expectations of others.  I spent a lot of time feeling apologetic for my existence.  Much of my work is about the path to breaking through and unlearning those limiting thought patterns and integrating with who we really desire to be.


Email : dani@daniellevoirin.com
Paris tel : +33 (0)6 03 94 40 27

My editorial work can be found here : daniellevoirin.com

A new special fine art project can be found here : parisblueprints.com

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