DesCollages: Off the Wall and into the magazine

The newest issue of Off The Wall came out last week and two of my photos are inside. Each issue has a focus, and this one, the letter H in the series, is on photographers who are also women. 

Pick up a copy. Among many great features, there are photos from the early archives of Nan Goldin, interviews with Anne Biroleau & Hélène Giannecchini (on the Alix Cléo Roubaud show at the BNF), with Scarlett Coten and Héloise Gosset, and my favorite, Sabine Weiss who, at the age of 12, used to contact print her pictures “in little wooden frames placed under the sun and fixed with kitchen salt.”


I am getting much inspiration from Odilon Redon today.

Tout se crée par la soumission docile à la venue de l’inconscient.
Everything is created by quietly submitting to the arrival of the unconscious.
– Odilon Redon, 1898

DesCollages in Arles

I had a great time in Arles this year. Most of us have likely read the reviews by now, and while the “In” festival may have been underwhelming, Arles was, as always, a great place to network and spend time with people I don’t often get to see in person. 

The “off” festival is getting bigger and better every year. This year I decided to continue in Arles, the work I began last October during les Rencontres Photographiques du 10e in Paris.

On most nights, after vernissages, dinners, projections, and parties, I took my broom and bucket and pasted up a street exhibition in the off-off festival. In the process, I met Isabelle Chapuis and Alexis VI, who were pasting up (with admirable precision) their series Blossom (love it) and watched the evolution of Delphine Henry and her group’s series “Parade,” titled after François Hebel’s name for this years festival. I loved the silent collaboration, placing my work among theirs.

DesCollages dans la rue, a magazine!

Happy July 4th! Before I go buy some sparklers to put in my tarte citron, I want to share the magazine I just finished making with Blurb (it’s so fun to make a magazine!). 

Here’s a link to a preview

If you’re in Arles next week for the festival, you may see some of these photos as you’re walking from café terrace to photo exhibition!

April Rain

It’s lovely
It creates colorful, reflective eye-candy,
A bunch of bling-bling on the windows. 

It turns the sky all shades of purple, blue and brown
You see it reflected at your feet,
the direction you turn to shelter your head…

Because it spits in your face
and wets your pants,
it makes odd odors surface
from old winter coats.

It finds the holes in your boots
and quickens your step,
postpones the spring skirt,
sends a chill up your back.

It is lovely,
if only for that nearing break in the clouds
where the sun will re-appear
while the rain still falls.

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